Business Insurance

Verrier & Associés offers various insurance coverage to protect you and your company.

Property Insurance

  • Builder's Risk and Installation Floater: projects and claims relating to materials
  • Business Interruption: activities interrupted as a result of damage
  • Consequential Loss: loss following initial damage
  • Property: building, equipment, inventory, furniture and more
  • Pair and Set: replacement of intact property if part of damaged goods
  • Machinery Breakdown: pressure vessel, electrical or mechanical appliances
  • Next Generation Equipment: property loss replaced by the latest model
  • Contractor's Equipment: commercial vehicles covered even outside the insured location
  • Tool Floater Insurance: coverage anywhere, even outside the insured location
  • Commercial Vehicle: fleet for a group of vehicles
  • Marine: Property protection during maritime shipping
  • Freight: Property protection during land transportation
  • Garage owner: damage, loss and theft of clients' vehicles

Liability Insurance

  • Wrap-up: general liability for all people involved in the project
  • Product Recall: market withdrawal fees
  • Excess Liability: damage caused during operations
  • Automobile: damage caused in an accident, fire or explosion
  • Warehouse Operator: loss or damage of stored goods
  • Errors and Omissions: allegations of professional negligence and product failure
  • Directors and Officers: financial losses caused by misconduct, real or alleged
  • Products and Completed Operations: damage caused by a company's products

Environmental Insurance

  • Contamination and Infestation: food products altered by foreign materials
  • Environmental Liability: decontamination costs and third-parties liability

Financial Insurance

  • Surety Bonds: contracts, licenses, permits, bounds and excise
  • Credit: unforeseen losses due to clients' insolvency or non-payment

Life Insurance

  • Directors and Officers' Life: death of the company's owner or key employee

Other Insurances

  • Package Policy: vehicles, property in transit and general liability
  • Conditional Release Bond: detention following an incident with an insured vehicle
  • Kidnap and Ransom: costs associated with kidnapping and ransom

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Please note that the list and the description of services offered are not exhaustive and are subject to change without notice.