Damage Insurance Brokers Firm established in 1939, we have been able to carve ourselves a place as a major player in the industrial and commercial insurance scene in Quebec.

Our human approach sets us apart with our loyal customers as well as with the talents our teams are composed of.

We believe that happy employees will play a big role in a company’s success and the excellence of its services; that is why we work on an ongoing basis to innovate in our management practices to contribute to our employees’ well-being and happiness at work.

We are here to support your career, whether you are a new or an experienced professional in the insurance field.

A firm not like the others


Who said professionalism and rigor cannot go hand in hand with a friendly, human and cheerful working ambiance?


You’re not an expert in everything? Great: your colleagues are not either! It is together that we can build the necessary expertise to serve our clients well.


At Verrier’s, it’s the best of both worlds! A human firm, with all the insurers’ network we need to provide our customers with great services. Here, you are not limited to work only with a few insurers; both our networks of insurers and consulting experts are there to help you, every day.


Different flexible measures will allow you to find with us your work-personal life balance.

Check out our available positions and join us!

Market Specialist

As market specialist, you will oversee the underwriting of the insurance of the portfolios you are taking care of. You will have to manage the process and negotiation with the insurers. On a daily basis, you will have to develop business ties with partner insurers. Meanwhile, you will team up with Producer Brokers to renew or underwrite new insurance contracts.

Producer/Developer Broker

As a producer / developer broker, you will have to develop and maintain a business volume in different commercial insurance categories, SMB (Small to Medium Business) / SMB 2.0 / Construction / Greater Risks, according to what was discussed. You will follow up with the insureds and will oversee the renewals. Close collaboration work with the Market Specialists.

Market Assistant

As Assistant of market specialists, you will have to proceed to the invoicing process of certain departments, prepare the documents that will be presented to the clients, provide some administrative support to the sales team and carry out different administration’s requests.

We are #insure-ably human and we look forward to meeting you!