Commercial insurance

Sectors of activity in which we operate


Proud to be able to rely on a multidisciplinary team, our firm has all the necessary expertise to work with numerous sectors of activity.

Construction industry

Agri-Food industry

Transportation industry

Manufacturing Industry

Financial industry

High Tech industry

Service Industry

Professionnals services

Agricultural business

A full range of products and services

Allying with renowned partner suppliers, our firm provides you with a wide variety of products and services for the creation of comprehensive insurance programs that are perfectly suited to your needs.

Risk Management and prevention

Offers you a complete analysis of your business in order to provide you with the relevant insurance for its operation, as well as advice on prevention.

Property Insurance

Covers all types of property you own or rent against possible financial loss..

Civil Liability Insurance

Protects you against the financial consequences that could result from your actions or inactions, causing harm to others.

(Surety) Bonds

Protect you from financial loss by the insurer engaging himself, on your behalf, to honour your contractual obligations to the “Obligee” (or “Beneficiary”) if you were to fail to complete some of these obligations.

Cyber Risk

Protects your business in the event of a third-party intrusion into your data systems.

Pollution Insurance

Protects you against liability for a pollution-related claim, if it results from your action or inaction and creates a negative impact on the environment.

Builder’s Risk

Will cover property damage due to insured peril that could happen during your construction project, thus avoiding a significant financial loss.

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