Commercial insurance

Sectors of activity in which we operate


Proud to be supported by a multidisciplinary team, our firm possesses all the necessary expertise to perform in many sectors of activity.


Agribusiness (agri-food industry)



Financial Services


Services Industry

Professional Services


A complete range of products and services

Joining forces with renowned partner suppliers, our firm puts at your disposal a wide variety of products and services to create comprehensive insurance programs fitting your needs perfectly.

Risk Management and prevention

Offers you a complete analysis of your business, to recommend you insurance pertinent to your operations, as well as advice on prevention.

Property Insurance

Covers all types of property you own or rent against possible financial loss.

Commercial General Liability

Intends to repair bodily, material or immaterial damage caused to a third party during the operation or execution of tasks related to your activities.


Offers a guarantee by which the Surety (Company) agrees, on your behalf, to honor your contractual obligations towards the Obligee in the event of a breach of these obligations, so you will not suffer any financial loss.

Cyber Risks

Protects your business in the event of a third-party intrusion into your data systems.

Environmental Insurance (Pollution)

Protects you against Liability for a pollution-related disaster, if it results from an action on your part that would have a harmful effect on the environment.

Builder’s Risk

Protects your construction projects against hazards, and thus avoid a significant financial loss in the event of a claim while a construction is in progress.

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